Can-ALE Data

Can-ALE Canada map

The Canadian Active Living Environments (Can-ALE) dataset is a geographic-based set of measures characterizing the active living environments (often referred to as ‘walkability’) of Canadian communities. The data is provided at the dissemination area level. By using geography conversion tools such as the Postal Code Conversion File (PCCF+) it is possible to link Can-ALE measures to individual-level health data from national-level survey platforms (e.g., National Population Health Survey, Canadian Community Health Survey) or to local-level data, such as travel surveys (e.g., Transportation Tomorrow Survey, Montreal Origin-Destination Survey). A version of Can-ALE prelinked to postal codes is available from CANUE.

A map showing the geographic distribution of Can-ALE in the Montreal region can be found at this link.

More information is provided in the guide document which is included in the download.

The Can-ALE product contains four documents:

  • 2006 Dataset (.csv)
  • 2016 Dataset (.csv)
  • User Guide (English)
  • User Guide (French)

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