Seeking participants for study on relationship between suburban neighbourhood environments and physical activity in older adults

In order to gain a better understanding of older adults’ experiences of aging in the suburbs, PhD candidate Madeleine Steinmetz-Wood is seeking to recruit 20 participants for a new research study. Adults aged 65 and older who live in suburban neighbourhoods in Montreal are eligible to participate, and will be interviewed via phone or a web conferencing platform about their experiences and views.

The overarching aim of the project is to explore how suburban neighbourhood environments influence older adults’ physical activity and health. Many older adults live in suburbs and would like to remain there as they age. We hope to hear from participants about what changes to their environment could make the greatest difference for maintaining their physical activity and health.

When completed, this research could inform municipalities and public health practitioners that are developing urban interventions to create sustainable urban environments that promote the health of Canadians.

We are currently recruiting participants and welcome interested readers to be in touch. For more information, please contact Madeleine Steinmetz Wood or see our flyer for more details.

Photo credit: ©Hugo Chisholm