Group Members Travel to Queenstown, New Zealand for IMGS 2019

In early July, Geo-SDH researchers Sarah Mah, Clara Kaufmann, and Andrew Stevenson traveled to New Zealand to present their research at the 18th International Medical Geography Symposium (IMGS). Sarah’s presentation showcased her work on a forthcoming international study examining physical activity patterns and active living environments using survey data from Australia. In her talk, Clara discussed the topic of her master’s thesis, examining the relationship between neighbourhood fast food access and fast food consumption, using data from the Statistics Canada Business Register, a new potential “gold standard” measure of the geographic distribution of food outlets in Canada. Andrew’s poster presentation focused on explaining the methodology involved in creating new food environment measures from Business Register data and potential applications for linkage with Canadian population-level national health surveys. IMGS 2019 was a great opportunity to share the group’s projects and to hear about cutting-edge work from medical geography researchers from all over the world.